Why Leak Detection in Oahu Is Now 400% More Efficient

First, the Entire System
in a Single Image

As part of the Honolulu Board of Water Supply’s (BWS) 2020 pilot program with ASTERRA Recover, we started with a single image of Oahu’s entire system, nearly 600 sq miles! After several more images of smaller areas to focus on, the BWS added previously gathered data to set search priorities and sent a team into the field.


The NRW-Reducing,
Game-Changing Results

Using Recover’s data, the BWS search team investigated 87.6 miles of pipe and found 362 leaks, an average of 2.99 leaks per mile. In 2019, their last pre-ASTERRA year, they found 255 leaks over 358 miles, just 0.71 lpm. That’s a 400%+ efficiency increase, with NRW greatly reduced. And the program continues.

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