Hilton Head’s Secret $500,000-a-Year Leak Found by ASTERRA

The Leak Only an Animal Could Love. Or Find.

No one on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina knew they had a nearly 1000 gallon-per-minute leak in a 12” main in the middle of a marsh, except the animals who had left their footprints while enjoying $500,000 worth of free water annually. No one, that is, until ASTERRA surveyed the island by satellite.


No Listening Points. And the Animals Weren’t Talking.

There was no low pressure or any events indicating a problem. There were no listening points for an acoustic team, and a pump station nearby would mask any issues. This leak, which was already about three years and $1.5 million old, might never have been found without ASTERRA. Learn how we did it in this webinar.

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