ASTERRA Recover Reverses an Unsustainable Water Loss

Henry County, VA, Was Losing 33% of Everything

Every year, Henry County processed 1.2 billion gallons of water, and lost 400 million to leaks. With over a million dollars in processing costs, $341,000 also seeped out. And $6 million of potential revenue, one-third of their product’s full retail value, disappeared as well. But walking the county system listening for leaks with acoustic devises was simply not feasible.

With Two Satellite Scans, Recover Was a Game-Changer

Using maps created by Recover, Henry County took only months to confirm 135 non-surfacing leaks losing some 500,000 GPD – a volume of real water loss that traditional methods and no proactive program could not have found. And their non-revenue water went from rising 31% a year to falling by 10%, saving $319,000 a year for the county.

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